“I think, therefore I am…” is a statement of Consciousness. “We think therefore we are”…defines an all-powerful Mass Consciousness, which has historically shaped the direction of human destiny. There is no more crucial time than now, for us all to draw upon our Mass Consciousness, to correct our climate and restore our environment. The rapid spread of deadly diseases like cancer, floods, epidemics, famines, etc. suggest that the crisis is already at our doorsteps. It is a self-inflicted catastrophe that must be immediately reversed by us all, collectively…

On November 3, 2019, millions of us united in positive thought, energizing a global thought wave for climate and environmental preservation, and world peace, to inspire positive change in the hearts and minds of our leaders and fellow beings. A group of us travelled to the southern-most tip of Chile, facing the rapidly melting glaciers in the Antarctic Ocean, to launch the thought wave, and build a wave of positive change…

We invite you to keep energising the ThoughtWave by continuing to practise the environment meditations


An empowering realization…

Recognize that you and your environment are One…the environment is not something out there. It is an integral part of you like your hands, legs and face. Your environment is an outer reflection of who you are. If you can spend so much time and resources on body care and hygiene, how can you ignore the other half of yourself? Your environment?

When you and your environment assume the same place and importance in your mindset, you will begin to become an effective instrument of environmental care and sustainability.

Practicing the following 4-minute video will help you build focus and mental clarity…a state of mind that helps all aspects of one’s life.

The SHIFT ANTARCTIC meditation…a journey of giving and peace

Audio Meditation Oneness merging with your Environment
Audio Meditation Climate and Environmental Preservation (20min)
Is cancer linked to climate change…?
Only you can restore and preserve the climate…
How are your choices burdening the environment…?

We Made the Shift

Participa en la Ola de Pensamiento del 3nov
Meditacion (8min) para la Mejora de Nuestro Mundo

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