The arrival to the Anchor of the Sun found each one of us in awe. Our mental images, emotional anticipation and spiritual yearnings fell short of what we were greeted with…To look upon the lagoon where the sun anchors its nutritive energies for the earth was the most breath-taking image and sensation. We were in awe, not only of its beauty, but of the tranquillity and unseen power of this location.  Our thoughts rushed to gratitude and joy, coupled with the sense of recognition for the need of this meditation; the thought-journey for climate correction had begun…

The four days preceding the main meditation were filled with mental, spiritual and emotional cleansing in preparation of the big day. We gathered each morning at 6.30 am at the edge of the lagoon, preparing our personal self for the collective meditation. Each day was filled with participants connecting, sharing and bonding. Silent moments, walks and partaking of the lagoons’ healing water had become a routine, with some of us wading in the water, others swimming like dolphins and even kayaking and canoeing.

The silent SHIFT walk took place on September 24th 2009 which began in an aged forest with dense trees leading on to the edge of the water. We focused on: oneness, clarity, healing for the air, water, forests, humanity, Earth and all Creation; gratitude to the Sun, to Nature and the Creator; restoration of Nature, the Climate and all Creation. As we focused on the air, we heard the sounds of an eagle that flew above us for the relevant time frame, and greeted us as it left. Upon focus on the elements of Nature, we experienced some form of response. We felt the sun’s rays shining hard upon us, the breeze of the wind brushing our skin, and a loud increase in the sound of waves on the edge of an otherwise quiet lagoon – the very same sound we heard in our meditations every morning.

We knew we were now prepared for the global meditation for climate correction. On Friday September 25th 2009 we took a boat to the sand banks of One Foot Island, the location of the grand meditation. We sat in a circle with our water bottles and followed Dr Amyn’s voice as he led the meditation for climate correction. Once again, we experienced responses from Nature as before. Many of us felt the presence of the ocean world, of those who were meditating with us from afar and much, much more. The feeling of peace was imminent. As each one of us walked into the water once again to offer thanks and release our intent, we felt a sense of calmness and the connection of oneness that so many teachers speak of today. We all hugged each other, some with smiles, some with tears, some with new knowledge, others with recognition.  Regardless of the experience, we were in gratitude, in oneness, feeling blessed from within our being. Words are limited, so I feel humbled as I leave this page void of the depth of the actual experience.

Subsequent to the meditation, we noted that the South Pacific Tsunami had a similar signature to the tsunami five years ago, but the impact was significantly lower. A BBC news covered an account of a lady describing hoki. The tsunami hit her while in her car, and then retreated very quickly, leaving her with only minor injuries. A similar story was reiterated by a bus driver at the Rarotongan Hotel in Rarotonga to some of the SHIFT participants who were present during that time. An e-news bulletin read:
New York – Major nations, including South Africa, the United States and China, have thrown their weight behind the UN Summit on Climate Change

So please continue thinking Climate Correction.

In Love and Light,
Karima Dahya

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