S.H.I.F.T, Shaping Human Intellect for Tomorrow, is an initiative to effect change through the power of positive thought. To date, we have inaugurated thought waves through meditations at seven, unique, energetically focused places on the earth, as described in the following historical synopses:

The Horseshoe of Life, Montserrat, Spain – 2003

The purpose of this thought wave and meditation was to honour the role of water in the creation and propagation of life. The focus of the meditation was to create harmony between humanity and nature from the umbilical core of creation.

Grand Savannah, Venezuela – 2003

Life energy is pure unity that brings together essence and form. The meditation at the Gran Savannah focused on fostering unity between humanity, nature and all its creation. Unfortunately, the file of pictures of this event was damaged, but its memory lives in the hearts and minds of all those who participated in the global thought wave of unity…

The Great Rift Valley, Kenya – 2007

The Great Rift Valley is the cradle of human civilisation and represents all the knowledge and experience that has manifested on earth since our creation. The thought wave at this location was focused on honouring knowledge in all its forms – from formation of thought, to experiences and lessons derived from them. Knowledge also flows to us through inspiration and thus, this event was a celebration of our gift of knowledge.


Mount Teide, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain – 2008

The Earth has been endowed with four elements that make up physical matter: water, earth, wind and fire. These elements work in unison to sustain life on the planet. The meditation and thought wave at this location honoured the gift of these four sacred elements of life. It focused on inspiring change in our behaviours, attitudes and lifestyles in order to prevent further damage to these key life elements, and help turn around the cycle of environmental degradation.

Aitutaki, Cook Islands – 2009

The sun provides nutritive energies to all the life forms existing on the earth. The Islands of Aitutaki in the south Pacific surround a pristine, turquoise lagoon, offering a breath-taking experience of the art forms of nature. The meditation and thought wave here focused on honouring the nutritive energies of the sun and shaping human consciousness towards protection and preservation of our climate…

Grand Canyon, USA – 2010

The Grand Canyon represents one of nature’s most beautiful displays of art, which expresses itself in a form that inspires awe and invokes a spiritual awakening. The thought wave and meditation here focused on building spiritual awareness and growth in humanity, through which healing of ourselves, our fellow beings, and all of nature can be achieved…

S.H.I.F.T 10.10.10!  GRAND CANYON

“Just to say “thank you” from myself, my family and our future generations for making this happen. I passed the event onto friends who were also involved and we lit candles and said a prayer in our different locations. I truly believe we can make a difference!
Keep up the great work we are with you!
Love and big hugs” – Alison Dolan

The Himalayan Mountains, Nepal – 2011

The meditation was performed at the top of the Everest, at a location within a day’s walk of Base Camp. The purpose of this thought wave was to bring about peace and harmony in this world, honouring principles of love, hope, harmony, peace, unity and healing. We offered deepest gratitude for the gift of life, our fresh air, water, and all the resources we receive from Mother Earth… 

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