On May 4th 2008 a total of 73 people gathered together in Mount Teide, (Tenerife, Canary Islands) for a Global meditation on Oneness.

The significance of this location is that all four key elements are present: the Earth, the Air, the Fire of the volcano and the Water that runs through its rocks. The aim of the meditation was to bring together all the key elements that create our form in order to achieve a balance, and to achieve a sustainable environment in the future.  This can be achieved by linking the human form, with the four elements, the power of thought and the intelligence of creation that surrounds us. For this reason the focus of our gathering was ONENESS.

Spiritual mentor Dr. Amyn Dahya and a strong team of volunteers and lightworkers held a walk and meditation that took place mostly in the immediate surroundings of the volcano, throughout which we  focused on a series of questions and how to use our Power of Thought.

1. Watch Dr.Amyn’s Dahya Introduction to SHIFT TEIDE and the Global Meditation for ONENESS.

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