“Thought has life; and therefore, each time we think, we sprinkle seeds that germinate in our own lives as well as the lives of others, with powerful ripple effects.”

©Amyn Dahya

Dr. Amyn Dahya, mentor

MAKE THE SHIFT By Alisha Popat & Bruce Rooke in celebration from Kenya


Positive thinkers have begun building the ThoughtWave in preparation for the Global Meditation being launched in Chile, on November 03,2019.

Individuals across the globe will meditate together with one intention – to MAKE THE SHIFT in human consciousness towards Climate & Environmental Preservation and Restoration.

All you need to do is be present in positive thought and engage others to do the same.

For a simple and practical insight on the subject of climate and environmental preservation and restoration, go to:


A Positive Human Consciousness can SHIFT our world from abuse and natural disasters to an empowering and sustainable world. It’s as simple as planting seeds of positive thoughts.
Every positive thought counts!

Global Thoughtwaves

Our experiences all over the world


2019 GLOBAL THOUGHTWAVE FOR CLIMATE & ENVIRONMENTAL PRESERVATION “I think, therefore I am…” is a statement of Consciousness. “We think therefore we are”…defines an all-powerful Mass Consciousness, which has historically shaped the direction of human Read more…

Nepal 2011

SHIFT NEPAL 2011 The meditation was performed at the top of the Everest, at a location within a day’s walk of Base Camp. The purpose of this thought wave was to bring about peace and Read more…

Aitutaki 2009

SHIFT AITUTAKI 2009 The arrival to the Anchor of the Sun found each one of us in awe. Our mental images, emotional anticipation and spiritual yearnings fell short of what we were greeted with…To look Read more…

Teide 2008

SHIFT TENERIFE 2008 On May 4th 2008 a total of 73 people gathered together in Mount Teide, (Tenerife, Canary Islands) for a Global meditation on Oneness. The significance of this location is that all four Read more…

Kenya 2007

On June 10, 2007 approximately 1200 people gathered together at Lake Elmentaita, in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya to participate in a universal meditation that collectively drew upon the power of thought to bring Read more…

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