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“I Embrace the Positive – Together We Enable Excellence”

SHIFT 10.10.11 is the culmination of 7 years of focused effort throughout the world to help spread a shared consciousness that values human life and replaces detrimental self interest with recognition and respect for the well being of the global society and our environment.

On 10.10.11, the 7th and final SHIFT POSITIVE THOUGHT WAVE will be launched by people all over the world, seeking to evoke a positive change in human mindset through focused thought and intention, a power that underpins the life of every living being. The WAVE will be initiated by 22 SHIFT volunteers at a pristine glacial plateau in the Himalayas, and joined by participants from all over the world from their individual locations.

What is a positive thought wave?
The String Theory shows us that the world exists in a state of interconnectivity- that every molecule of everything is linked to each other, be it humans, plants, animate or inanimate objects. It is this connectivity that causes our thoughts, vibes and energy to radiate outwards and affect the world around us. By emitting positive energy and projecting positive thoughts, we can help change circumstances we conventionally believed to be outside our reach.

Every thought exists as energy, which passes through vibration from molecule to molecule until it gradually spreads throughout the universal web of matter in which we exist. Our thoughts influence everything.

The world around us is clearly in a state of decline, portraying riots and gross human rights violations to weakening global economies, fatal natural disasters and environmental damage. The String Theory suggests that what happens in distant places affects us where we are, and what we do affects everything else.
Each time a person emits a positive thought, it translates into positive energy which reverses negative energy. Therefore, we have the power to reverse our state of decline by collectively creating a positive thought wave, filled with limitless opportunity

Rooting your thought
Focus as often as you can on the proposed root thought (the seed thought that expands with focus) “I Embrace the Positive – Together we Enable Excellence”, and plant this seed amongst your friends and loved ones. Each time you see or hear of injustice, violence, oppression etc., repeat this root thought, to neutralise the consequent fear and negativity. The collective power of this root thought is the much-needed catalyst for positive change in our world.

Ways you can contribute

on watch the wave reveal global sentiments
Add this icon to your Website –Facebook-Twitter etc
NURTURE THE WAVE – REGISTER YOUR PARTICIPATION 48 HOUR THOUGHT WAVE: The WAVE will commence in the Everest on 8th October 2011 and build up over 48 hours to 10th October 2011.

Spend some focused moments on the root thought repeatedly during this period and experience the powerful wave of thought as it traverses the globe. The more we are, the stronger the thought wave.

SOLO – Internalize the Root Thought by repeating and sharing it with others
GROUP – organize a SHIFT WALK or MEDITATION Session – we will send you the material you need. Please register your event on so that others may join you.
MAP YOUR PARTICIPATION: advise us of your location and activity by emailing so we can track the WAVE.
BE CREATIVE: Light a candle, sit in a park with nature, play an instrument, read a poem that you love, listen to the wind or the ocean, or whatever else comes to mind, whilst keeping positive thoughts in mind. Your thoughts and intentions will help make the shift.
1. FORWARD this E-mail: To as many people and organizations as you can
3. INVITE THOSE AROUND YOU TO JOIN THE 10.10.11 positive thought wave

SUPPORT THE WAVE: SPONSOR A VOLUNTEER: To walk and meditate on your behalf. We have 5 volunteers on the waiting list for financial support. Please write to regarding your gift

“I Embrace the Positive – Together we Enable Excellence”