Life Link Meditation

The Life-Link Meditation

Amyn Dahya

Mentor of inner Excellence

PART 1 – The Meditation Technique

The Life-Link Meditation is used in order to allow you to contact your inner potential of resources. Amongst these resources, is your vast Power of Thought, which can be used to influence the universe towards a desired goal. This is most powerful when it is done in groups, for a common cause. To read how we used it in our Climate Correction Meditation, click here!

A Simple and Universal Approach

Meditation is a simple process involving the use of Focused Thought, to integrate the body, mind and self. The word “Self” is often referred to as the Spirit, Soul or Life Energy/Force, depending on one’s belief. In this brief description, I would like to explain meditation in basic terms and to share simple techniques that can be used by anyone, in full accordance with his or her religious, cultural, scientific and intellectual beliefs.

It is important to note that the Meditation for Climate Correction can be undertaken using whatever meditation techniques one may have learned and is accustomed to practicing. However, for those who may be less familiar with the process and techniques of meditation, I would like to share a simple method, called the Life-Link Meditation, which can also be practiced in accordance with one’s personal beliefs. Those that know and practice meditation can seek to use Life-Link to grow further; and those that may not have had much exposure to meditation can use Life-Link to shift towards a new and enriching realm of learning and personal growth – materially, emotionally and spiritually.

Being a scientist, I believe in logic, and the Life-Link Technique that I wish to propose to you is based on simple logic, and experience of teaching meditation globally for self-healing and personal development over the past fifteen years. Please take some time to reflect on the following sections, which I hope you may find useful.

Choosing Your Own “Link Thought”

The choice of Focused Thought is very important and personal. Since we are seeking to bring together the body, mind and self in meditation, it is helpful to focus our thought on the common element that exists in all these three aspects of our being. From a scientific, cultural and religious perspective, Life Energy, or Life Force, or the Spirit/Soul is considered to be the common element that ties together the elements of our being. When Life Energy, which is highly intelligent, is present, our body functions, and our mind is able to create and emit thoughts; our being is complete. As soon as this Life Energy is gone, we cease to exist in physical form.

Imagine a patient in intensive care, who has had a heart attack. The doctors are desperately trying to resuscitate his heart. At 10.59 pm, he is alive. All metabolic functions are present. Then, one minute later, at 11 pm, everything stops. He is pronounced dead. What did he have at 10.59 pm, which is no longer present at 11 pm? This is what we call Life Energy, which is a universal term. However, depending on one’s beliefs, one may say the Spirit, or Soul has departed. In this explanation of meditation, I propose to use the word, Life Energy, but each reader can replace this term with a name that is congruent with his or her personal beliefs.

A number of schools of scientific and intellectual thought consider Life Energy as infinitely intelligent. It has the powers to create and sustain everything in the universes. Life Energy flows within us, and is present all around us: in every atom, in what we see and what we don’t see. Let us consider that all Life Energy comes from a Source that binds us all together as one Humanity or Creation. In a universal context, we can call this Source, Oneness, the Creator, or the Origin. However, depending on one’s beliefs, one may call the Source: God, Allah, Krishna, Om, Jesus, Universe, Nature, and use many other similar references. The choice of the name we adopt, for our Focused Thought is very important, as we must believe completely, that this name represents the Source of our Life Energy; our Creator; the very Definition of our Being.

Hence, this name connects all the three key elements of our being – the body, mind and self. To explain meditation, I propose to use the name Oneness, as it is universal. However, the reader can replace this name with whatever he or she chooses. Many teachers of meditation give their students a word that can be used for Focused Thought, which is often referred to as the Mantra. We call this word, the Link Thought and suggest you choose the Link Thought you are most comfortable with, as it is a very personal matter. Please take some time to select your Link Thought carefully.

Direction of Focus

There are two principal ways to meditate and most teachings from different cultures and religions around the world generally fit into these two classifications. The first, which we refer to as “Narrowing Focus” involves bringing your thoughts down to one singular thought, the Link Thought, and placing it before your eyes, typically in the centre of your forehead. Hence, for example, if your chosen Link Thought is Universe or God, then the Narrowing FocusUniverse or God to one single point, before your eyes (centre of your forehead). This can be difficult to achieve and requires a lot of effort, because you are trying to bring the infinite down to one singular point. Many students and practitioners of meditation have mentioned to me, that they often suffer from headaches as a result of the struggle to sustain such a Focused Thought. At the end of the meditation, some often feel a sense of disappointment because of their inability to achieve focus and the inner connection they were seeking. This is a comment I have heard frequently. However, there are also some people that have been able to successfully overcome these challenges, and I cannot help but admire them. method encourages you to use your mind to bring the

The second method, which is diametrically opposite to the first, I refer to as “Life-Link Focus”, which involves taking the Focused Thought of Universe or God, for example, outwards and into the universe. This is an effortless task as you are flowing into the Universe or God, rather than trying to bring the infinite before you. Of course, one may enquire, how this can be achieved?

The Life-Link Meditation

The Life-Link Technique I invite you to experience, provides a simple way of placing your Link Thought inwards, outwards and into the universe. The specific steps are described below.

Preparing the Body and Mind

The process of preparation is very important in order to achieve satisfaction and fulfilment from meditation. We need to condition our body through respiration and relaxation, and mind through creation of stillness, in order to engage with the Self. The key steps are as follows:

The Invocation Step

The Invocation Step calls upon the body and mind to prepare for the objective you have set: Meditation.
The Invocation Step commences a mental, emotional, and physical invocation, which prepares you for meditation. You can perform this as you walk in a silent, tranquil area, or if walking is not convenient at the time, you may stand still in one place, and go through the process described below.
Repeat slowly in your mind, “Prepare for Meditation…” As you repeat these words, focus your mind on the fact that you aim to be fully prepared for your meditation. You can do this for say, 1-2 minutes, or for as long as you wish. After setting your objective (the Objective Phase), which is, “Prepare for Meditation…”, you can now move to the next part, called the Inner Wish Phase.
The Inner Wish Phase involves placing your core wish in your body and mind, which is, “I wish to connect with my Self…” For the next 2-3 minutes, as you keep walking, repeat your wish slowly in your mind and focus with a strong sense of commitment, on its meaning: “I wish to connect with my Self…” You may stay in this phase for as long as you wish.
The Release Step

Once you have completed the Invocation Step, seat yourself in a position of complete bodily comfort. This is important so as to avoid being distracted by any physical discomfort.
You may now proceed to the Release Step, which involves letting go of built up emotions and toxins in the body. Release of these elements is essential in order to enable creation of Focused Thought, in the absence of physical, mental and emotional distractions. This can be achieved through breathing, as follows:
Close your eyes and breathe freely. For the first 2-3 minutes, breathe in deep and then breathe out as far as you possibly can…vacating your lungs completely. With each inhalation, silently say the word, “Prepare” in your mind. Do the same for each exhalation…say the word, “Prepare”, in your mind. Up to twenty breaths should be sufficient. Do not try to count your breaths, as it is unimportant and can be distracting.
Then, for the next 2-3 minutes (say 20 breaths), breathe in, but not deeply. Say the word, “Prepare” in your mind as you inhale. Then, breathe out as far as you can, vacating your lungs and letting go of all accumulations in your system. Repeat the word, “Prepare”, each time you exhale. This step, of breathing out more than you breathe in, is very helpful in cleansing our being.
You should note that we are all accustomed to breathing in deep. We seldom breathe out to the point of vacating our lungs, because it is not a normal part of our breathing cycle. However, the process of maximum exhaling releases accumulated gasses in the lungs, as well as, triggers the inner code of letting go. You may feel a bit uncomfortable when you exhale to the maximum, but you will soon settle down and let it become a part of your rhythm for preparation. Please note that if you are suffering from any lung or health disorders then you must consult your doctor before performing the Release Step.
With your eyes still closed, you may now relax and breathe freely, as you normally do. Now, it is time to forget about how you are breathing. You are ready and your breathing pattern is no longer an important element in where you are heading next. You are now at the Readiness Level.

The Stillness Step.

Once the body has been prepared via the Invocation and Release Steps, it is time to prepare the mind and help it go completely still. This is called the Stillness Step. Stillness is very important because clarity of thought cannot be achieved when the mind is choppy and full of thoughts. A good example is when you look at the reflection of your face in a pool of water. If the water is choppy and has lots of ripples and waves, you cannot see your reflection. When the water goes completely still, you can see your reflection with complete clarity.

Another example is the floor of the ocean, which is completely still, despite the fact that the surface of the ocean there may be a raging storm, with huge, rough waves. The stillness at the ocean floor has the power to drive the storm and waves at surface. The mind has the same level of power, which comes from stillness.

The pace of our daily material lives is ever increasing, causing loss of clarity, with absence of stillness. I often hear people complain about their minds always racing with thoughts, which prevents them from meditating or falling asleep. This problem is ever-increasing as we suffer from growing distractions and information overload. In essence, we are losing our access to the true powers of our minds, which come from clarity of thought and stillness. We are living at the surface of the stormy ocean, bouncing around like floating vessels out of control, rather than being in the true position of control, which lies at the bottom of the ocean, where there is complete stillness.

The Stillness Step can be carried out as follows:

With your eyes still closed, continue to be in relaxed mode, and breathe freely.
Imagine you are trying to see your reflection in a pool of water, whose surface is choppy, with ripples and waves. Take a good look at the choppy water surface.
Then repeat the word, “Stillness”, slowly in your mind. Break up this word into two parts as you repeat it: “STILL…NESS”. “STILL…NESS”. “STILL…NESS. Imagine yourself slowing down, as you repeat the word, “STILL…NESS”.
Keep looking at the choppy water surface. As you repeat the word, “STILL…NESS’, the water surface begins to slow down. The waves begin to recede and the ripples begin to become fewer and far between.
Keep repeating the word, “STILL…NESS”, until the water surface becomes completely still and you can clearly see your face in it. You are now at the Clarity Level, where you can remain for as long as you wish.
The Stillness Step brings about deep relaxation of the mind, with elimination of the huge background ruckus that comes from your fast and noisy thoughts.
Once you have achieved stillness, you are ready for the Connection Step. Your body is relaxed by now, with all its unhealthy accumulations having been released. Your mind is completely still at the Clarity Level, and you are now ready to make the connection, between your body, mind and self.

Completing your Being: The Connection Step.

The Connection Step is deeply satisfying and empowering. This is where, you connect your body, mind and self through engaging your Life Energy. As I mentioned earlier, the Life-Link Technique enables you to use your power of thought to flow inwards, outwards and into the universe.

It is now time for you to bring forward your Link Thought, which is the name you have chosen for your Source: God, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Om, Nature, Origin, Universe, I, Oneness, etc. Just as we split the word STILLNESS into two parts, “STILL…NESS”, we need to split the name we have chosen as our Link Thought. So, if you chose the word GOD, it would be “GO…OD”. JESUS would be “JEE…SUS”. ALLAH would be “AL…LAH”. OM would be OHH…MM”. ORIGIN would be “ORR…IGIN”. UNIVERSE would be “UNEE…VERSE”, ONENESS would be “ONE…NESS”, and, so forth. Splitting the name helps create focus in a state of stillness, by creating a passive rhythm that anchors the Link Thought in the body, mind and self. Every cell in your body should reverberate this word, from your head to your toes. This will happen with practice, without your consciously trying to create this experience.

I propose to use the name, “ONE…NESS” as the Link Thought for practising the Connection Step. You may use whatever name you have chosen, and split it as described above. Remember, the rhythm that comes from splitting the word will vary from person to person. Adopt the split and rhythm that works best for you. There are no hard and fast rules.

Remember, by this point in your preparation of the body and mind, you are still repeating the word, “STILL…NESS”. Now, let us move forward make the connection as follows:

With your eyes still closed, stop repeating the word, “STILL…NESS”.
Now, imagine you are standing in the middle of a beautiful rose, which has large, healthy petals, of whatever colour you choose to imagine. Look at the petals, which make up your surroundings.
Now, let each petal carry the name you have chosen as your Link Thought. In my case, it is ‘ONE…NESS”, so I would repeat this word in my mind, very slowly…”ONE…NESS, ONE…NESS, ONE…NESS”.
As you repeat this deep, Link Thought, you will begin to feel very calm and peaceful. Every petal around you now bears the name, “ONE…NESS” (or whatever name you have chosen). Keep repeating this word slowly in your mind, as the calmness grows within and around you.
Now, imagine that the petals of the rose begin to slowly and tenderly close around you, as it the flower were embracing you. This continues until the entire rose has closed itself into a bud in a loving embrace; and you are now in the centre of the bud. It is not dark at all. There is a bright, warm loving Light all around you, that emanates from each petal.
Every petal has the name, “ONE…NESS” and so, you are surrounded by ONENESS. As this beautiful word, comes from within you, it enlightens you from within. As it flows out of you and becomes the illuminated petals, you flow outwards, into the petals, in ONENESS. You are now at the Illumination Level.
Keep repeating your Link Thought, slowly and continuously as you effortlessly flow into pure Focused Thought…”ONE…NESS”.
You may stay in this peaceful state for as long as you wish. Do not think of the time, or of anything else. Do not even think about whether you are doing your meditation correctly or not. Just think about, “ONE…NESS’ for you have become, “ONE…NESS”.

The best time to practice the Life-Link Meditation

The Life-Link Meditation can be practiced daily, as frequently as you wish during the day. I find that waking up between 4-5 a.m. to practice my meditation helps me flow freely into Light and Peace, without any distraction. I reach the Illumination Stage effortlessly. At this hour, everything around me is completely quiet and still. The energies of nature are gentle and low. Often, I am able to stay in the state of “ONE…NESS” for 60 to 90 minutes, with no loss of focus or entry of any thoughts in my mind, other than “ONE…NESS”. At the beginning, I could only maintain my focus for two to three minutes but gradually, my capacity to stay in my Link Thought has grown. We can all achieve this with pure desire and discipline.

If waking up in the morning is difficult, you can practice this meditation at night, just before you go to bed. Alternatively, you can take a break of say, ten minutes during the day for your meditation. I also practice the Life-Link meditation a few minutes before an important meeting and it helps clear my mind and create a razor-sharp focus on the subject I have to tackle in my meeting. I use Life-Link as my life tool.

You should be aware that whilst meditating, you might experience different feelings, deep happiness being one of them. Do not focus on the feeling as it may distract you. I also do not advise people to analyse their experiences of meditation after the fact, because sub-consciously, one starts looking for or simulating such experiences during meditation, causing a loss of true focus. Meditation is about being in your Link Thought. Just being, nothing more or nothing less.

The Life-Link Meditation Technique process can help foster personal development and growth, including but not limited to enjoying clarity of thought, making good decisions, being able to see situations from broader angles, overcoming inner conflict through losing the ego and moving away from being self centred, improving personal relationships, gaining compassion for all creation, and becoming open to inspirations of knowledge and guidance from a higher level…the Self.

Closing Summary

From the above explanation, the Life-Link Meditation Technique can be summarised as having the following steps:

The Invocation Step, which calls upon the Self to prepare the body and mind for meditation. This takes us through the Objective and Inner Wish Phases.
The Release Step, which enables us to let go of physical, mental and emotional accumulations in our body, to make ourselves light and free, reaching the Readiness Level.
The Stillness Step, which slows down the mind to a level of complete stillness, enabling us to achieve calmness and clarity, that takes us into the Clarity Level. At this point, we are now ready to move forward towards engaging Focused Thought.
The Connection Step that enables us to flow inwards and outwards, by using the Link Thought we have chosen.
The Illumination Level where we remain in the Link Thought for as long as we wish, experiencing peace, calmness, stillness and illumination.
What has been presented above is a preliminary guide to undertake the Life-Link Meditation. It is a great place to get started. Once you have progressed further, you may want to learn more and venture deeper into the process. You can participate in our meditation seminars/workshops or obtain a DVD copy of these events at (, with which you can practice deeper levels of meditation in the comfort of your home.

I wish you success and happiness in your inner journey and personal development, and am happy to answer your questions or help serve as a sounding board at any time.

Amyn S.Dahya
Mentor de Excelencia Interna


La meditación Life-Link es una herramienta para conectarse con nuestro potencial interno de recursos. Uno de estos es vuestro enorme Poder del Pensamiento, o de Intención. Este poder se puede utilizar para influenciar el universo hacia un objetivo particular. Es especialmente efectivo si se realiza en grupo hacia un objetivo común. Si quiere leer cómo lo utilizamos nosotros para nuestra meditación por la Corrección Climática, lo puede ver aquí.

Una técnica simple y universal

Esta meditación es un proceso simple en el que se utiliza el Pensamiento Alineado, para integrar el cuerpo, la mente y el ser. La palabra “Ser”, dependiendo de la creencia de cada persona, hace referencia al Espíritu, Alma, Energía Vital, Fuerza Vital, etc. En esta breve descripción, me gustaría explicaros la meditación en términos básicos, y así compartir estas sencillas técnicas que pueden ser utilizadas por cualquiera, en completa harmonía con sus creencias religiosas, trasfondo cultural, modelo científico o intelectual.
Es importante tener en cuenta que la Meditación para la Corrección Climática (2ª Parte de este texto) puede ser realizada con cualquiera de las técnicas que conozcan, y que estén acostumbrados a usar. Sin embargo, para aquellos que estén menos familiarizados con el proceso y las técnicas de la meditación, me gustaría compartir con vosotros un método sencillo llamado el Life-Link Meditation, método totalmente compatible con cualquier cultura, escuela espiritual o religión. Aquellos que ya practican meditación pueden utilizar Life-Linkpara crecer más, y aquellos que no, pueden usar Life-Link para explorar nuevas dimensiones de crecimiento y enriquecimiento personal, tanto material, como emocional y espiritualmente.
Siendo científico, creo en la lógica, y por podrán comprobar que la Técnica Life-Link que me gustaría explicar aquí está basada en una lógica sencilla, y en la experiencia adquirida en los últimos 15 años alrededor del mundo como mentor en el desarrollo personal y la auto sanación.
Por favor reflexionar sobre las siguientes secciones, que espero encontraréis útiles.

Eligiendo tu propio “Pensamiento Enlace”

Un link en ingles, se refiere en castellano a una conexión, un enlace o un eslabón de cadena, literalmente hablando. La elección de un Pensamiento Enlace es muy importante y personal. Ya que estamos tratando de traer juntos al cuerpo, la mente y el Ser en esta meditación, es de mucha ayuda que logremos concentrarnos en el elemento común que existe en estos tres aspectos diferentes de nosotros mismos. Desde una perspectiva moderna en la ciencia, así como desde una espiritual y religiosa, la Energía Vital, Fuerza Vital o el Alma/Espíritu está considerado como el elemento común que une los tres elementos que nos componen. Cuando la Energía Vital, que es altamente inteligente, está presente, nuestro cuerpo funciona, nuestra mente es capaz de crear y emitir pensamientos; nuestro ser está completo. Tan pronto como esta Energía Vital se va, dejamos de existir de forma física.
Imagina un paciente en cuidados intensivos, que ha tenido un ataque al corazón. Los doctores intentan desesperadamente de resucitarle. A las 22.59, está vivo, con todas las funciones metabólicas presentes. Entonces, a las 23.00, todo se detiene. Se le declara muerto. ¿Qué fue lo que le abandonó a las 23.00, que estaba presente a las 22.59? Esto es lo que llamamos Energía Vital, ya que es un término universal. Se suele decir que el Espíritu, o el Alma se han marchado. En esta aplicación de la meditación, propongo usar Energía Vital pero cada uno puede sustituir este término como mejor le plazca.
Un número importante de escuelas intelectuales consideran la Energía Vital como infinitamente inteligente, y en la física cuántica la densidad del vacío es cercana al infinito. Tiene poder para crear y mantener todo cuanto existe en los universos. La energía vital fluye dentro de nosotros, y está presente a alrededor: en cada átomo, en lo que vemos y en lo que no vemos. Consideremos que toda la Energía Vital viene de una fuente que nos une a todos juntos como una Humanidad o Creación. En un contexto universal, podemos llamar esta fuente como Origen, Unidad, o Creador. Dependiendo de las creencias personales, se le puede denominar a esta fuente como Dios, Allah, Krishna, Om, Jesús, Universo, y muchas otras referencias parecidas. La elección del nombre que adoptemos, para nuestro Pensamiento Alineado, es muy importante, puesto que debemos de creer en el completamente, creer que este nombre representa el Origen de la Energía Vital, Alma, Espíritu… La Definición misma de nuestro Ser.
Por lo tanto este nombre conecta los tres elementos de nuestro cuerpo – el cuerpo, la mente y el Ser. Para explicar esta meditación, propongo que usemos la palabra Unidad, ya que es universal. Sin embargo, ya sabéis que podéis usar la palabra que más signifique para vosotros. Muchos profesores de meditación le dan a sus estudiantes una palabra para desarrollar Pensamiento Alineado, que normalmente se conoce como Mantra. Nosotros llamamos a esta palabra el “Pensamiento Enlace o Pensamiento Link” y sugerimos que uses aquel Pensamiento Enlace con el que estés más cómodo, ya que es una herramienta muy personal.
Por favor tomad el tiempo necesario para elegir vuestro Pensamiento Enlace.

Dirección de la Intención

Hay muchas maneras diferentes de meditar, pero la mayoría de las enseñanzas de diferentes culturas y religiones del mundo pueden ser clasificadas en dos grupos. El primero, que llamaremos “Focalizar la Intención”, se trata de traer nuestros pensamientos hacia una intención sola, el Pensamiento Enlace, y en concentrarlo frente a nuestros ojos, típicamente en el centro de nuestra frente. Por lo tanto, por ejemplo, si tu elección de Pensamiento Enlace es Universo o Dios, entonces la enseñanza de Enfocar la Intención nos diría que uses tu mente para traer al Universo o a Dios a un punto tan sólo, frente a tus ojos (en el centro de tu frente). Esto puede ser muy difícil de visualizar bien y cuesta un gran esfuerzo, ya que estamos tratando de traer al infinito a nosotros y reducirlo a un punto. Muchos estudiantes y practicantes de meditación me han mencionado, que a menudo sufren de dolores de cabeza como resultado este proceso de mantener un pensamiento tan poderoso de forma enfocada y sostenida. Al final de la meditación, algunos sienten una sensación de decepción por no haber sido capaces de tener una concentración lo suficientemente fuerte, con lo que tampoco habían logrado establecer la conexión (link) interna que buscaban. Esto lo he oído muchas veces, pero hay alguna gente que ha sido capaz de sobrellevar estos problemas, y no puedo evitar sentir admiración por ellos.
El segundo método, que es casi opuesto al primero, lo llamo el “Life-Link Focus”, o el “Enfoque Life-Link” en castellano. Este método supone el usar el Pensamiento Enlace; Universo, o Dios, como ejemplos, y expandirlos hacia el universo. Esto resulta muy sencillo ya que nosotros somos los que estamos fluyendo hacia el Universo o hacia Dios, en vez de intentar traer el infinito frente a nosotros. Es probable que te estés preguntando, ¿y esto como se consigue?

La Meditación Life-Link

La técnica Life-Link de meditación, que te invito a que experimentes, es una manera de colocar nuestro Pensamiento Link hacia dentro, y luego hacia fuera y hacia el universo. Los pasos específicos vienen detallados a continuación.

Preparando el Cuerpo y la Mente

El proceso de preparación es muy importante para poder adquirir satisfacción y una sensación plena de la meditación. Debemos condicionar nuestro cuerpo a través de la respiración y la relajación, y la mente a través de la creación de una quietud, para así poder conectar con el Ser. Los pasos son los siguientes:

El paso de la Invocación

1. El Paso de la Invocación reclama el cuerpo y la mente para que se preparen para el objetivo que hemos definido: la Meditación.
2. Comienza con una invocación mental, emocional y física que te prepara para la meditación. Puede hacer esto mientras camina por una zona tranquila y silenciosa, o si el caminar no es conveniente en un momento dado, puede estar de pie en un lugar, y seguir el siguiente proceso

2009 Amyn Dahya