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INVOKED-an Unstoppable Change – €9.95

ISBN: 1-90442801-1-7

INVOKED takes us on a journey back to the early seventh century Arabian Desert, where through a powerful story of love and the human spirit, we are offered an understanding of the similarities between the major world religions and the driving forces that underlie the devastating conflicts that are being played out in our global arena today at an enormous human price…”

INVOKED helps build bridges of understanding and reveals how each one of us can play our part in bringing an end to conflict by replacing fear and suspicion with understanding and peace.

“Expect to travel on a wave of emotions and learning, moments of exhilaration and despair in a style similar to Paolo Coelho”


The Alacanzera Rise Again – €9.00

ISBN: 1-9044281-1-8


On November 19, 2003, Juan-Lopez, a young stock market trader from Madrid, enters a secret gateway in Venezuela’s Mount Avila and crosses into the world of the Alacanzera—an advanced civilisation that inhabited the earth thousands of years ago.
During a fascinating journey with Ohumah and Oriana, his mystical Alacanzeran guides, Juan-Lopez discovers answers to unsolved mysteries that have challenged the human imagination for centuries. He is granted access to the Great Scrolls on Mount Sakhava, which reveal the year 2012 AD as a crucial turning point in the destiny of the Twelfth Civilisation—our present-day world. Those scrolls state: “The choice of whether the Twelfth Civilisation rises to great new heights of progress, or rapidly destroys itself, rests in the hands of each individual human being.” . . .
The Alacanzera have risen again, to be our mentors as we approach the most important decisions we are ever going to make…
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Towards Zero Conflict – €14.95

ISBN: 1-90442801-1-8


This book explores the inner conflicts that reside within us, causing pain, difficulties, disappointments and suffering. Through short stories, the book explains each conflict from a broad range of perspectives, and offers ‘Seeds of Resolution’ that provide practical solutions to overcoming our inner conflicts.
Towards Zero Conflict is a key to discovering happiness and fulfilment. It takes its reader on a path of self empowerment, causing the realisation of dreams that have long awaited fulfilment.
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Parables From The Origin – €9.95

ISBN: 0968268-32-3


This book embodies twenty, heart warming parables that inspire its reader with a clear and profound understanding of some of the key aspects of living within our challenging modern day environment.


Reflections From The Origin – €14.95

ISBN: 0968268-31-5


This book establishes communication with its reader at a very personal level, revealing insights on: life and its purpose, death, and the loss of loved ones, the spiritual journey, the science of tomorrow, and predictions of events that the world must prepare for. Reflections from the Origin explains deep and intricate concepts through short and simple parables.


English Audios

Be And It Is Volume I – €5.95

ISBN: 1904428-08-8


An invaluable personal guide, providing daily inspirations that helps:

• Shape healthy attitudes
• Build self confidence
• Gain peace and tranquillity
• Clearly understand our problems
• Make decisions that lead us towards success and fulfilment.

Just open its pages at random to discover the advice you seek…


Be And It Is Volume II – €5.95

ISBN: 1904428-22-3


Continuing on the line of Be and it Is Volume I.
This book provides additional daily inspirations for self healing.



Exploring Limitless Horizons – €16.99

ISBN: 1-9044281-3-4


Double Audio CD pack.
Through a conversation between the Origin (the Creator) and an unborn soul, Maya, this lecture answers the most frequently asked question in the world today, “Why are we here? What is the purpose of our existence?”
Amyn Dahya shows us practical methods by which we can identify, understand and transcend the Ten Horizons, through which we can achieve success, abundance and freedom in all aspects of our daily lives.


Meditation I
The First Step: Integrating The Self  – €9.95

ISBN: 1904428010


When one communicates with the higher self, one is able to embark on a journey that leads to the Source of creation with complete inner freedom, resulting in the achievement of peace, fulfillment and self-healing. Amyn Dahya helps us embark on this journey in a universal manner that fully embraces science and spirituality.


Meditation II
The Next Step: Journey To The Source  – €9.95

ISBN: 1904428002


When one communicates with the higher self, one is able to embark on a journey that leads to the Source of creation with complete inner freedom, resulting in the achievement of peace, fulfillment and self-healing. Amyn Dahya helps us embark on this journey in a universal manner that fully embraces science and spirituality.

Spanish Books

Cero Conflictos – €14.95

ISBN: 1-90442801-1-8


Este fascinante libro, traducido al español, está ya casi impreso. Os avisaremos cuando esté listo! “Cero Conflictos” nos conduce por una senda de auto comprensión a través de introspecciones e historias cautivadoras. Cada uno de los 17 capítulos aborda una dimensión diferente de conflictos internos, tales como: las esperanzas, las creencias, los miedos, las motivaciones, los celos y las críticas, para mencionar solo algunos. Estas historias le permiten al lector identificar los conflictos internos que uno alberga, aun sin saberlo; seguidos por las Semillas de Resolución, que le proporcionan con métodos prácticos las herramientas necesarias para superar y vencer de forma permanente dichos conflictos. Este libro es una herramienta invaluable de auto ayuda para aquellos que buscan el éxito y la felicidad en un mundo donde imperan los conflictos tanto a nivel personal como global.

Antes de leer “Cero conflictos”, creo que estaba en conflicto con el mundo exterior, en el cual, me sentía completamente incomprendido. La lectura de este libro, me permitió darme cuenta de que los conflictos son un estado mental. y que los conflictos internos forman la base de los conflictos externos.

Editor, Sitara Magazine

“Leí los capítulos Viviendo el Presente y El Miedo Hoy (revisar texto original). ¡Bravo! Justo lo que necesitaba. Muy vivificante”

Reader, Hong Kong

“Los conflictos son un estado mental. son como un virus poderoso que se cría, se multiplica y se propaga infectando a todos los que se atraviesan en su camino. Sin embargo, los conflictos son entidades completamente indefensas y desvalidas, porque un simple pensamiento los puede extinguir, destruir.”

Amyn Dahya

Seguidamente presentamos el primer capítulo de “Cero Conflictos”, el cual demuestra cuan importante es presentar los conceptos de vida de una forma simple y fácil de entender.


Spanish Audios

¡Sea! Y Asi Sera¡ Volumen I  – €5.95

ISBN: 1904428-09-6


Versión española de Be & It is.